K-DISC is a strategic think tank that advises Government on strategic directions in various spheres. Such strategic papers shall reflect the new directions in technology adaptation, innovation and progress. In addition it is entrusted with the task of creating a healthy and conducive environment for fostering innovations in the State.
The functions of the Council are outlined below:
1) In the sphere of development, K-DISC will seek to identify the best practices across the globe in the area of development in the following areas viz:
  • Infrastructure
  • Human Resource and Skill Development
  • Industry and Commerce
  • Governance
  • Public Finance
2) K-DISC will prepare strategy papers either in broad sectors or in focused interventions in the areas listed above. These papers will also include road map and necessary guidance with plans of action for implementation.
3) These strategy papers will be submitted to the State Planning Board and concerned Department for examination and approval wherever such proposals need provision of budget amount. The state Planning Board will examine such proposals on priority basis and submit their views to Government.
4) Where a strategy paper does not involve any provision of funds or a location of funds, the Chairman K-DISC shall submit it to the Chief Minister with a copy of the same to the Minister(s) in charge of the area that the paper relates to.
5) K-DISC will also provide handholding support wherever necessary for initiating and nurturing these strategies within the relevant Government Departments. 
K-DISC will assume the following responsibilities in the sphere of Innovation.
  1. Support Government to promote innovation in the State
  2. Encourage young talent and local universities, Colleges, Medium and Small Scale Industries, R&D institutes.
  3. Map opportunities for Innovation in the State
  4. Identify and reward talent in innovation and disseminate successful innovation examples for adoption.
  5. Help create innovation eco – systems.
  6. Administer the Innovation Challenge Fund.
  7. Advise Departments and Government institutions in utilising funds allocated for innovation and R & D and help mobilise additional resources both human and financial for them.
  8. Promote research and development activities to support innovation in the form of partnership research programmes with Academic and R&D Institutions and National and International Bodies.
  9. Prepare a ten year Innovation Roadmap
  10. Organise risk capital for financing innovation ventures in Government, Academic and R&D Institutions and Startups.
  11. Collaborate with national and international academic and R&D organisations, companies promoting/practicing adaptable innovation practices.
  12. Organise seminars, lectures, workshops to promote and further innovation..
  13. Create necessary IT support systems and web-based portals for promoting the development of an innovation ecosystem in the State.
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