1. K-DISC will have a three layer organisation consisting of

    1. The Board of Governors

    2. Advisory Council

    3. Strategy Consultants


The Board of governors






1 Dr. K. M. Abraham CFA


Former Chief Secretary, Government of Kerala and former Whole Time Member, Securities Exchange Board of India
Currently also Chief Executive Officer, Kerala Infrastructure Investment Fund Board

Administration, Finance


Dr. V. K. Ramachandran

State Planning Board

Agrarian and Labour Economics


Dr. Pulickel Ajayan
Professor in Engineering
Rice University


  1. Helmoltz-Humboldt prize
  2. Swadeshi Shastra Puraskaram
  3. Selected Nano50TM Innovator by Nanotech Briefs (2007)
  4. Selected by Scientific American Magazine as one of 2006 Scientific American 50



S. D. Shibulal
Co-Founder, Infosys and Axilor Ventures

Former Chief Executive Officer, INFOSYS

Board member

  1. Boston University
  3. Seoul International Business Advisory Council (SIBAC)

IT / Management


Shyam Srinivasan
Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Federal Bank

  1. Exemplary Leadership Award from the Rotary Club
  2. Rashtriya Udyog Ratna Award instituted by the NEHRDO
  3. The Greatest Corporate Leaders Of India Award given away by the World HRD Congress MBA, IIM Calcutta



Dr. K. M. Abraham
Kuzhikalail, Ranni, Pathanamthitta
Needham, Massachusetts
USA 02492

Eminent inventor - Pioneer in the research and development of rechargeable lithium and lithium-ion batteries

  1. Most Outstanding Achievement and Services Alumni Award - Tuft University
  2. Post-doctoral research at Vanderbilt University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Science - Chemistry



The Board of Governors

1.There shall be not more than nine Governors on the Board
2. The Vice chairman, State Planning Board shall be a governor on the Board
3. There shall be note more than seven nominated Governors. These shall be persons of national/international eminence nominated by Government.
4. In identifying persons of national/international eminence the following yardsticks, though not exclusive may be used:

5. The tenure of the nominated Governors shall be for a period of ONE year, subject to renomination for additional terms by government.
6. The Board of Governors shall have a Chairman who shall be in the rank and status of a Chief Secretary to Government.
7. The Chairman shall be nominated by government and shall be:
1. a person of eminence well versed in administration and who should have served as the Secretary to the Government of India or an equivalent post in the State Government.
2. a distinguished scientist, engineer or technocrat with not less than 20 years of experience heading an academic, administrative or R&D institution the national/international level.
8. The term of the Chairman shall be for a period of three years from the data of his appointment.
9. The Board of Governors may meet in a place designated by the Chairman or through video-conferencing where any Governor in the Board is unable to join the meetings.
10. The Board shall meet at least once in a quarter.
11. The quorum for a meeting shall be four.
12. Decision making shall be by majority Vote.

The Advisory Council

a) Ex officio member
The following shall be ex-officio members of the Advisory Council:
  1. Chief secretary
  2. Secretary – Planning & Economic Affafirs
  3. Secretary – Industry
  4. Secretary – Science and Technology
  5. Secretary – Information Technology
  6. Secretary – Higher Education
  7. Chairman, CII, Kerala Chapter


b) Government Nominee

Government may nominate as many experts, recognised in a relevant field, as it deems fit to the Council on a voluntary basis. The members so chosen shall be persons recognised nationally or internationally for their excellence in their at field / profession.
c)  Nominee of Board of Governors
In addition any two Governors on the Board can also nominate an expert on voluntary basis to the Advisory Council.

Strategy Consultants

1. The Chairman may hire Consultants to assist in the design or implementation of any strategy paper approved by the Board of Governors.
2. These Strategy Consultants shall be positioned in any department to assist the department in the implementation of any strategy on development innovation duly recommended by the Board and approved by Government as laid down above.
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