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The Kerala Development and Innovation Strategy Council, (K-DISC) is a strategic think-tank and advisory body constituted by the Government of Kerala.  K-DISC aims at bringing out path-breaking strategic plans that reflect new directions in technology, product and process innovations, social shaping of technology and creating a healthy and conducive ecosystem for fostering innovations in the State. Confronted with second-generation issues in many key sectors, Kerala is facing challenges of providing holistic health care, employment-oriented skilling, enhancing quality of education, high quality social security, continued food and nutrition security with a pro-poor bias, gender justice and inclusion of outliers, all within severe fiscal constraints. The state also must address decades of infrastructure deficit and make rapid strides in cutting edge areas of knowledge revolution and tourism without infringing upon its fragile environment and impacting adversely upon its biodiversity.  In the above context Innovation emerges not only as an engine of prosperity, competitiveness and an ingenious mechanism of real-life problem solving but as the act of creating extraordinarily new values in unusually original ways’.  K-DISC thus embodies the hopes and aspirations for a brave new Kerala.

•    K-DISC shall have five divisions headed by the respective Executive Directors viz:
i.   Planning Competency Development and Innovation System
ii.  Skills, Employment and Entrepreneurship
iii. Innovation Technologies
iv. Social Enterprises and inclusion
v. Management Services


The following shall be the organisational structure of the divisions:

a) The Management Services division shall comprise of three subdivisions.

1.    Human Resource Establishment, Administration and Services.
2.    Finance and Accounting
3.    Procurement and shall be headed by a Senior administrative Officer, a Senior Finance Officer and a Senior Procurement Manager respectively.

The Human Resource Establishment, Administration and Services shall comprise of two sections each headed by a section officer with three assistants each.

The Finance and Accounting shall comprise of two sections with six assistants, headed by two section officers, the first one reporting to a Junior Finance Officer handling finance and accounting and the other reporting to a Finance Manager handling Internal audit both reporting to Senior Finance Officer.

The Procurement section shall have one section headed by a section officer and three assistants.

b)  The four divisions of K-DISC (i to iv) listed above shall have two subdivisions each headed by Programme Managers. The division shall comprise of Senior Programme Executives and Programme Executives handling various schemes and programmes.

c) The District Innovation Councils set up shall be administratively part of the Planning Competency Development and Innovation Systems and shall comprise of a Senior Programme Executive and Programme Executive.

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