Kerala has a vast pool of educated people. But the paradox is that the State has a high unemployment rate also. In order to address this, the government has embarked on a transformational project of converting Kerala into a Knowledge Economy. This involves creating an ecosystem of skilling, reskilling, upskilling and cross-skilling to make educated unemployed employment-ready. Mentoring and handholding will also be given to budding entrepreneurs as part of the mission to create a large number of jobs.

Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission is the flagship project under this division. 

  1. Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission

Key Members

Employee Code Name Role Mobile / Phone Email
 1 Dr. P.S. Sreekala Director – Gender & Labour 9497689809
2 Mr. P. Mohamed Riyas General Manager – Skilling 94478 74000
3 Dr. C. Madhu Sudhanan  State Program Manage, Mobilization 9447222761 
4 Mr. Anoop Prakash A.B. Program Manager 9633471158
5 Ms. Anusree Bhaskar Program Manager 9497784057
6 Mr. Arun Raj Program Manager 9747328993
7 Mr. Rishu Abraham Program Manager 6282268921
8 Mr. Sarin S. Panicker Program Manager 8086048603
9 Mr. Vishnu J. Program Manager 9895121273
10 Ms. Diana Thankachan Program Manager 9995205715
11 Ms. Neethu Sathyan Program Manager 9539346399
12 Ms. Neetha Xavier Program Manager 9847140663
13 Mr. Nidheesh T.S. Program Manager 9745091702
14 Ms. Shayama Subair Program Manager 9746754461
15 Ms. Suma Devi U.M. Program Manager 9746181542
16 Ms. Sumi M.A. Program Manager 9446154319
17 Ms. Aleema Asif Program Manager 8589939042
18 Ms. Anjali K.S. Program Manager 9495501384
19 Ms. Dolgy Paul Program Manager 9567731991
20 Mr. Norbu Pavithran Program Manager 9947872616
21 Ms. Parvathy J. Program Manager 8281314764
22 Mr. Sibi Akbar Ali Program Manager 7025559007