Tracing the organisation’s

origin and evolution

Kerala Development and Innovation Strategic Council was originally constituted as a department guided by a six-member advisory council with Dr. K. M. Abraham, former Chief Secretary to Government of Kerala as the Chairperson. The Council consisted of six eminent persons of repute in Science, Innovation and Technology in order to equip K-DISC to carry out the newly assigned activities of the Knowledge Mission.

Given the radically enhanced role that K-DISC is envisaged to take up in the new Government’s thrust to make Kerala an innovation hub, the structure of K-DISC has been totally revamped. K-DISC was registered as a society on May 4, 2021, with the Chief Minister as the Chairperson, Finance Minister as Vice Chairperson and Ministers for Industries, Higher Education, Labour and Skills and Agriculture as members. The Governing body consists of Vice Chancellors of the major Universities in the state and experts from various walks of life.

K-DISC advises the Government of Kerala on strategic directions in various spheres. Such strategic papers shall reflect the new directions in technology adaptation, innovation and progress. In addition it is entrusted with the task of creating a healthy and conducive environment for fostering innovations in the State. K-DISC was formed as a society by the Government of Kerala and registered under the Travancore-Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies Act, 1955 for achieving any one or more of the following objectives:

Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan

Sri. Pinarayi Vijayan


Sri. K.N. Balagopal

Sri. K.N. Balagopal

Executive Chairperson

Dr. K.M. Abraham

Dr. K.M. Abraham

Executive Vice Chairperson

Dr. P.V. Unnikrishnan

Dr. P.V. Unnikrishnan

Member Secretary


  • Promotion of innovation in the State to meet pressing challenges in development through judicious application of Science and Technology, for increased productivity, competitiveness and employment, and to foster equitable and inclusive development.
  • Establishment of a supportive ecosystem for innovation across the State that facilitates experimentation, risk taking and creativity.
  • Strengthening of skills, behaviors and attitudes of the knowledge economy talent pool, particularly of the youth, to strengthen innovation and eliminate barriers to physical, human and knowledge capital.
  • Enhancing innovation spirit and talent, specifically young talent, by supporting greater innovation at institutional level including teaching institutions, Medium Small and Micro Industries, Research and Development institutions, Government Departments, Public and Private sector bodies, Local Government and Corporates.
  • Knowledge creation and management as well as addressing information asymmetries related to innovation.
  • Knowledge creation and management as well as addressing information asymmetries related to innovation.
  • Developing strategies for strengthening capabilities in proactively developing Industrial Revolution 4.0 Technologies in the State jointly with Universities, Research Centres and Academic Institutions and promoting the development of start-ups jointly with the Kerala Startup Mission and innovation collectives in the State.
  • Providing support to the Government in establishing Centres of Excellences in key areas of the Knowledge Economy and developing systems for Digital Transformation in various sectors jointly with Universities and other Institutions in the State.
  • Developing systems for translational Engineering in the State jointly with Universities for translating research in Research and Development Centres into Start-ups and Innovation Collectives.
  • Systematic promotion of grass root level and rural innovations and linking them to the Innovation Ecosystem.
  • Addressing infrastructure deficit and making rapid strides in cutting edge areas of knowledge revolution and tourism without infringing upon its fragile environment and impacting adversely upon its biodiversity.


Innovation is a process of transforming a product or service or system in a way that is economically beneficial or socially relevant to those developing it and is useful to the society and the universe as a whole. Innovation is principally of three kinds – product innovation, process innovation and systemic innovation. The innovation programs of K-DISC fall under four categories, each brought under the umbrella of a division. Management Services enable functions like finance, administration and human resources.

K-DISC has five divisions headed by respective Executive Directors.

  • Planning Competency Development and Innovation System
  • Skills, Employment and Entrepreneurship
  • Innovation Technologies
  • Social Enterprises and Inclusion
  • Management Services
    • Human Resources, Administration and Services
    • Finance and Accounting
    • Procurement

The first four divisions above have two subdivisions each headed by program Managers. The divisions comprise of Program Managers and Program Executives handling various schemes and programs.

Select a division to view the details.

This division promotes and nurtures enterprises that are intended to make a social change. These further the social purposes in a financially sustainable way and can provide income generation opportunities to meet the basic needs of economically disadvantaged people. Bringing marginalized communities into the mainstream and running projects to promote innovation amongst them is another key focus area.

The Social Enterprises and Inclusion division has the following projects.

  1. Conversion to LNG fuels in Marine Sector
  2. Projects for Youth with Disabilities
  3. Tribal Innovations
  4. Miyawaki Afforestation Project
No. Name Role Mobile / Phone Email
—- —- —- —- —-

Kerala has a vast pool of educated people. But the paradox is that the State has a high unemployment rate also. In order to address this, the government has embarked on a transformational project of converting Kerala into a Knowledge Economy. This involves creating an ecosystem of skilling, reskilling, upskilling and cross-skilling to make educated unemployed employment-ready. Mentoring and handholding will also be given to budding entrepreneurs as part of the mission to create a large number of jobs.

Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission is the flagship project under this division. 

  1. Kerala Knowledge Economy Mission

Key Members

Employee Code Name Role Mobile / Phone Email
 1 Dr. P.S. Sreekala Director – Gender & Labour 9497689809 sreekala@knowledgemission.gov.in
2 Mr. P. Mohamed Riyas General Manager – Skilling 94478 74000 pmriyas@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
3 Dr. C. Madhu Sudhanan  State Program Manage, Mobilization 9447222761 madhusudhanan@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in 
4 Mr. Anoop Prakash A.B. Program Manager 9633471158 anoop@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
5 Ms. Anusree Bhaskar Program Manager 9497784057 anusree@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
6 Mr. Arun Raj Program Manager 9747328993 arun@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
7 Mr. Rishu Abraham Program Manager 6282268921 rishu@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
8 Mr. Sarin S. Panicker Program Manager 8086048603 sarin@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
9 Mr. Vishnu J. Program Manager 9895121273 vishnu@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
10 Ms. Diana Thankachan Program Manager 9995205715 diana@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
11 Ms. Neethu Sathyan Program Manager 9539346399 neethu@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
12 Ms. Neetha Xavier Program Manager 9847140663 neetha@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
13 Mr. Nidheesh T.S. Program Manager 9745091702 nidheesh@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
14 Ms. Shayama Subair Program Manager 9746754461 shayama@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
15 Ms. Suma Devi U.M. Program Manager 9746181542 suma@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
16 Ms. Sumi M.A. Program Manager 9446154319 sumi@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
17 Ms. Aleema Asif Program Manager 8589939042 aleema@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
18 Ms. Anjali K.S. Program Manager 9495501384 anjali@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
19 Ms. Dolgy Paul Program Manager 9567731991 dolgy@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
20 Mr. Norbu Pavithran Program Manager 9947872616 norbu@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
21 Ms. Parvathy J. Program Manager 8281314764 parvathy@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in
22 Mr. Sibi Akbar Ali Program Manager 7025559007 sibi@knowledgemission.kerala.gov.in

This division of K-DISC focuses on nurturing and promoting innovation at all levels – among students, businesses, public servants and the public at large, developing their skills and competencies to inculcate a culture of knowledge seeking and innovation in domains like education, healthcare, agriculture, automobiles, animal husbandry, geriartic care, etc.

  • Systems Division   :-is again subdivided into two teams.
    • Partnership and Challenges Team:

      • Ms. Sajida Shiraz (Activity Centre Head)
      • Mr. Abilash A K
    • HR, IT and MIS Team:

      • Mr. Vishnu Prasad
      • Mr. Sureshkumar M
      • Mr. Sandeep D
      • Mr. Arun Krishnan
      • Mr. Sajad A
      • Ms. Soumya M
  • Operations Divisionis subdivided into four teams.
    • Communication and Content Management Team:
      • Ms. Lakshmy K J (Activity Centre Head)
      • Ms. Noorjahan A
      • Ms. Anupama V A
    • Monitoring and Planning Team:
      • Ms. Twinkle Toms (Activity Centre Head)
      • Ms. Pavitha K
    • Building Works, In house maintenance:
      • Mr Bazil Rasheed
      • Mr. Binukumar S J
    • Library Management:
      •  Dr. Vishnu Vijayan M A
Planning, Competency Development, and Innovation System

The division is supported by a Project Management Unit which consists of the following members

Mr. Sujith M Manager- Projects (HQ) suji.ndgd@gmail.com 8547009348
Mr. Binukumar S J Senior Consultant sj.binukumar@gmail.com 9446086833
Mr. Biju S Narayan Consultant bijunarayan@gmail.com 9037708100
Mr. Biju Parameswaran Consultant pc08@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 95624 62418
Dr. Asok Kumar A Consultant (OLOI, ODOI & EV) asokkumarsuma@gmail.com 8547510783
Dr. Deepa Gopinath Consultant (OLOI) deepapg.kdisc@gmail.com 9446583466
Mr. Vimal Ravi Consultant (OLOI) svimalravi@gmail.com 9645106643
Mr. M K Vasu Consultant (OLOI) mkvasunair@gmail.com 9446030811
Mr. P Jayaraj Consultant (OLOI) jayarajvalsala@gmail.com 9961261362
Mr. Subhash Chandran K Consultant (OLOI) subash1833@gmail.com 9446701833
Mr. Sherin Sam Jose Consultant (OLOI) sherinsamjose@gmail.com 9496805712
Ms. Akshaya T R Consultant (OLOI) akshayatr1997@gmail.com 9496138219
Ms. Jubunu K R Consultant (OLOI) jubunukr@gmail.com 9747165562
Ms. Bhagya B. Anil Support Executive bhagyaa101@gmail.com 86064 88545
Dr. Nidhi M B Consultant (ODOI) nidhi.kdisc@gmail.com 9447205900
Mr. Sandeep D Junior Consultant (ODOI) sandeepdamodaran5@gmail.com 98097 02898
Mr. Prakash Mathew Consultant (HQ) prakash@mbyom.com 7839992142
Mr. Vishnu Prasad Junior Consultant (HQ) vishnuprasad.vps07@gmail.com 8893545004
Mr. Abilash A K Junior Consultant (YIP) abilash.kdiscpmu@gmail.com 9899045622
Ms. Haripriya Shine Programme Manager haripriya003@gmail.com 94461 40670
Mr. Gopalan Balagopal Programme Head (Smart Coffee Project) gbalagopal.wayanad@gmail.com 99804 11935
Mr. Arjun R Nair Junior Consultant (Smart Coffee Project) arjunr@mbyom.com 82813 45596
Mr. Arun Krishnan Consultant (HQ) arunk.mundakkal@gmail.com 6238930810
Ms. Sajida Shiraz Consultant (HQ) sajidashirazkdisc@gmail.com 90371 32274
Ms. Noorjahan A Junior Consultant (HQ) noorja.azeeza@gmail.com 95448 35684
Ms. Nisha S Consultant  snisharajeev@gmail.com 9447535188
Mr. Suresh Kumar M Senior Resource Person (IT) msureshkumars@hotmail.com 8086880243
Mr. Sajad A IT Analyst sajads@gmail.com 73066 15582
Mr. Appu A Network Engineer appu.asokan@ults.in 9048941410
Ms. Soumya M Technical Assistant soumyamanikandan98@gmail.com 81389 02977
Ms. Hanna Haneef Technical Assistant hannahaneef53@gmail.com 79945 21285
Dr.Raju M Rhee Consultant (KGDC) sc01.kgdc@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 98840 34305
Dr.Amjesh R Consultant (KGDC) sc02.kgdc@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 98952 38733
Ms. Jayaleksmi S Programme Intern (KGDC) jayalekshmi.here@gmail.com 9633057706
Mr. Bazil Rasheed Junior Consultant (Building) bazil.rhd@gmail.com 8139062880
Ms. Anju Malin Junior Consultant (Social Inclusion) anjusowparnika3094@gmail.com 77363 49106
Mr. Sasi Pilacheri Senior Consultant sasipm@gmail.com 9446488085
Mr. Julfar M J Programme Support executive/Jr. Consultant (YIP) julfar.mj@gmail.com 8281417403
Mr. Shamil Mohan Programme Support executive/Jr. Consultant (YIP) shamilmohan98@gmail.com 8547761406
Mr. B. Sudhir Architect archsudhir@gmail.com 9895533999
Mr. C Padmakumar Special Officer (KMTC) so.kmtc@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 97442 00115
Mr. Rohit John Philip Sr. Programme Consultant (KMTC) pm01.kmtc@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 99109 18064
Mr. Rejeesh G R Consultant (KMTC) gr.rejeesh@gmail.com 93878 17192
Mr. Satheesh Kumar K Executive Secretary (KMTC) exesec01.kmtc@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9349400142
Ms. Binchu Samuel Project Intern (KMTC) binchusamuel.kmtc@gmail.com 95627 26927
Ms. Rojini A R Project Intern (KMTC) rojini.kmtc@gmail.com 95629 76697
Mr. Radhesh R Procurement Officer radhesh.r@rediffmail.com 9447092499
Mr. Anand V Internal Audit Assistant tallyinternalaudit@gmail.com 9809153196
Mr. J. Mohammed Siyad Media Manager (Communication Team) jmsd2009@gmail.com 9947235040
Dr. V. Santhosh Senior Consultant drsanspb@gmail.com 8547434266
Dr. Alexander G Senior Consultant regi.alex@gmail.com 9447800609
Mr. Anilkumar T V Senior Consultant anil.kdisc@gmail.com 9447104088
1 Smt. Sajitha P P Executive Director (Management Services) exdirms@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9446333993


NO Smt.Sheela. G Senior Administrative Officer(Joint secretary to Govt.) —— 9446016153
1 Smt. Renjini A L Section Officer( Admin) adminsob@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9447399321
2 Sri. Arun M.S Section Officer( Admin) adminsoa@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9400183292
3 Sri .Jagannath C R Assistant Section Officer(Admin) admina3@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9947944377
4 Sri .Govind G R. Senior Grade Assistant( Admin) adminb1@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9497269536
5 Sri.Nisamudheen P Assistant( Admin) adminb3@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9048178353
6 Smt. Joshitha S R Assistant( Admin) adminb2@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9447492625
7 Sri. Nanda Kumar P S. Assistant( Admin) admina1@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9446583588
8 Sri .Praveen V P Assistant (Admin) admina2@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9447586676
9 Sri.Manu.G Project Executive (Admin) adminpb@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9495391663
10 Smt. Nyma Shaji Project Executive (Admin) adminpa@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 7025066016
11 Smt. Smitha S Project Assistant (Admin) smithajagathy@gmail.com 9037092781


1 Smt. Jalaja Kumari L Senior Finance Officer seniorfinanceofficer@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9995980399
2 Smt. Jaseela.T.P Junior Finance Officer jfo@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9495626352


1 Smt Sreeletha S L Section Officer finso@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9447045465
2 Sri. Prakash S Assistant Section Officer fin1@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9745052707
3 Smt. Arya S Remanan Assistant fin3@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 8891283666
4 Smt. Anitha V Senior Grade Assistant fin2@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9387565758


1 Sri. Saneer M.S Section Officer finsoaudit@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9446426426
2 Sri.Arun Kumar N J Assistant Section Officer finaudit1@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9447500897
3 Sri. Rakesh Krishnan R V Senior Grade Assistant finaudit2@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 7356980516
4 Smt. Shahdara P K Assistant finaudit3@kdisc.kerala.gov.in 9567249820

As Kerala gears up to make the leap to a Knowledge Economy, it is imperative to adopt cutting-edge technologies for making the day-to-day lives of its citizens easier. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and AR/VR are widely used to transform industries like healthcare, agriculture, utilities, etc.


The division has the following members:

No. Name Role Mobile / Phone Email
1 Mr. Krishnan N.  Strategic Consultant 759488801 strategicconsultant.et@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
2 Ms. Deepthy Mohan Assistant General Manager 9895026721 agm01@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
3 Dr. Nimmy J.S. Senior Program Executive – Health, Revenue, Water Authority projects 9633057792 pe01@kdisc.kerala.gov.in

The division is supported by a Project Management Unit which consists of the following members:

No Name Designation
1 Mr. Shafin S. Technical Manager 
2 Ms. Shabana Fathim Technical Manager 
3 Mr. Vaishnav V.R. Project Executive 
4 Mr. Aashil Dev N.S. Project Executive 
5 Mr. Sreejith N.S. Project Executive 
6 Mr. Aromal M.S. Project Executive 
7 Mr. Sachin B.S. Project Executive 
8 Mr. Khaneesh U. Program Executive
9 Mr. Amal P.J. Program Executive
10 Mr. Jithin Kumar K. Program Executive
11 Mr. Nihas K.S. Program Executive
12 Ms. Aswathy G.J. Program Executive
13 Mr. Mathews P. Mathew Program Executive
14 Mr. Siveshkumar S. Program Executive
15 Mr. Aneesh V.L. Program Executive
16 Mr. Adarsh J.R.  Program Executive
17 Mr. Suraj M.S. Menon Program Executive


The operations of K-DISC are governed by a number of committees constituted with key officials, stakeholders and subject matter experts.

The Governing Body appoints the Executive Committee, approves projects and schemes with budgetary details to be implemented during the next year, adopts Annual Report, passes audited statement of accounts, considers resolutions, makes and amends rules and regulations and carries out with the permission of the Chairperson.

K-DISC shall be governed by its Governing Body (GB) consisting of:

  1. Chief Minister of Kerala – Chairperson
  2. Minister for Industries
  3. Minister for Finance
  4. Minister for Agriculture
  5. Minister for Higher Education
  6. Minister for Labour
  7. Vice Chairperson, Kerala State Planning Board
  8. Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology
  9. Vice Chancellor, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
  10. Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Health Sciences
  11. Vice Chancellor, Kerala Agricultural University
  12. Vice Chancellor, Kerala Veterinary and Animal Science University
  13. Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Science
  14. Vice Chancellor, Cochin University of Science and Technology
  15. Secretary, Planning and Economic Affairs
  16. Secretary, Finance
  17. Chief Executive Officer, ASAP Kerala
  18. Chief Executive Officer, Kerala Start-up Mission
  19. Chief Executive Officer, ICT Academy of Kerala
  20. Chief Executive Officer, Trivandrum Engineering Science and Technology Research Park
  21. Chief Executive Officer, Bio 360-Life Sciences Park
  22. Chief Executive Officer, Kerala State Information Technology Infrastructure Limited
  23. Managing Director, Kerala State Industrial Development Corporation Limited
  24. Director General, Kerala Institute of Local Administration
  25. Chief Executive Officer, Technopark
  26. Executive Vice Chairperson, K-DISC
  27. Member Secretary, K-DISC
  28. Executive Director, Planning Competency Development and Innovation Systems
  29. Seven experts of International/National eminence shall be appointed for a period of five years by Government as independent members in the following areas but not restricted to
  1. Nano science
  2. Genomics and genetics
  3. Data Sciences
  4. Deep learning
  5. Machine learning
  6. Artificial Intelligence
  7. Robotics
  8. IoT (Internet of Things)
  9. Machine vision
  10. Renewable Energy
  11. Smart, Moderate and Composite materials
  12. Innovation Systems
  13. Digital Transformation
  14. Climate-change and Global warming
  15. Social Enterprises
  16. Augmented/Virtual/Mixed Reality

The management of K-DISC is vested with the Executive Committee. The EC approves the budget and admits the expenditure of projects and schemes approved by the Governing Body, creates posts for Technical and Administrative staff on contract, grants increments or impose penalties, appoints consultants, decides on purchase of fixed assets and approves foreign travel for staff.

The Executive Committee of K-DISC is composed of the following members.

  1. Minister for Industries
  2. Minister for Finance
  3. Minister for Agriculture
  4. Minister for Higher Education
  5. Minister for Labour
  6. Executive Vice Chairperson of K-DISC
  7. Member Secretary, K-DISC
  8. Vice Chancellor, Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology
  9. Finance Secretary or his nominee not below the rank of Secretary
  10. Secretary, Planning or Economic Affairs or his/her nominee not below the rank of Additional Secretary
  11. Three among the eminent experts in the Governing Council nominated by the Government as independent members for a period of five years
    1. Dr Santhosh Mathew
    2. Mr. S D Shibulal
    3. Mr. Sam Santhosh
  12. Executive Director (Planning Competency Development and Innovation Systems)

Government may nominate one of the Ministers above as the chairperson of the Executive Committee for such tenure as it deems fit.

District Innovation Councils are set up in all 14 districts of the State to create district-level and integrated local government-level innovation ecosystems there. The District Innovation Council consist of the following members:

  1. District Panchayat President (Chairperson)
  2. Members nominated by K-DISC
  3. Registrars of Universities within the District nominated by K-DISC
  4. Representative of Lead Bank nominated by K-DISC
  5. Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Parks or Technoparks within the District nominated by K-DISC
  6. Representative of Medium Small and Micro Enterprises association nominated by K-DISC
  7. Representative of Start-up Mission Incubation Centre in the District nominated by K-DISC
  8. District Collector (Secretary)

District Responsibilities

Employee Code Name Designation District Contact no Mail id
D01E17 Mr. Nipun Raj DIC Program Executive Trivandrum 9188617409 pe01.dic.thiruvananthapuram@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E13 Mr. Justin B. DIC Program Executive Kollam 9446357494 pe01.dic.kollam@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E12 Mr. Jinto Sebastian DIC Program Executive Pathanamthitta 9188617424 pe01.dic.pathanamthitta@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
  –  Alappuzha – 
D01E09 Mr. Dipin V.S. DIC Program Executive Kottayam 9074989772 pe10@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E21 Mr. Sreeni S DIC Program Executive Ernakulam 9447371995 pe01.disc.Ernakulam@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E15 Mr. Mohamed Shaheed P. DIC Program Executive Idukki 8714619206 pe01.dic.idukki@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E20 Ms. Rajasree M S DIC Senior Program Executive Thrissur 7907859196 pe01.dic.thrissur@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E16 Mr. Mohammed Nabeel DIC Program Executive Malappuram 9847020825 pe01.dic.Malappuram@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E14 Mr. Kiran Dev M DIC Program Executive Palakkad 8086250228 pe01.dic.palakkad@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E07 Ms. Anu Joseph DIC Program Executive Wayanad 8089695943 pe01.dic.wayanad@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E08 Ms. Anu Mariya DIC Senior Program Executive Kozhikode 9400158529 pe01.dic.kozhikode@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E11 Ms. Jinsha Rajeevan DIC Senior Program Executive Kannur 9037423084 pe01.dic.kannur@kdisc.kerala.gov.in
D01E10 Mr. Jaimon Thomas DIC Program Executive Kasargod 9074989772 pe01.dic.kasaragod@kdisc.kerala.gov.in

List of DICs in Different Districts


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Sreenivasa Pai G. Lead District Manager +91 94 861 67983 leadbanktvm@gmail.com
2 Navajot Khosa IAS District Collector  +91 94 477 00222 dctvm.ker@nic.in
3 D. Suresh Kumar  District Panchayat President  +91 98 957 00135 dptvpm@gmail.com
4 John M. Thomas CEO, Technopark +91 81 297 25555 ceo@technopark.org
5 Sathyadas L. President, MSME Association  +91 94 471 28235 shineindustries.si@gmail.com
6 Ashok Kurian Director, Incubation, KSUM +91 94 477 13627 akp@startupmission.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Adv. Sam K. Daniel District Panchayath President +91 94 470 93446 samkdaniel24@gmail.com
2 Reena Susan Chacko Lead Bank Manager +91 94 477 42651 ldmkollam@gmail.com
3 John M. Thomas Chief Executive Officer Of Technopark +91 81 297 25555 ceo@technopark.org
4 K. Rajeev President, Kssia +91 94 471 45670 krajeevkollam@gmail.com
5 B. Abdul Nasar IAS District Collector +91 94 477 95500, 0474-2794900 dcklm.ker@nic.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 K.G. Rajeshwari  District Panchayath President +91 94 463 84386 dpalpy@gmail.com
2 Vinod Kumar V. Lead Bank Manager +91 62 825 98276, +91 99 956 77940 ibalpy@sbi.co.in
3 Chief Executive Officer Of Technopark Pending
4 V.K. Harilal President, Kssia +91 98 472 30058 venicepemt@gmail.com
5 A. Alexander IAS District Collector +91 94 471 29011 dcalp.ker@nic.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Ambily P.L. Chief Executive Manager Of Industrial Park Adoor, Kunnanthanam ambilypl@kinfra.org
2 Morly Joseph MSME Association President morlymrv@gmail.com
3 Dr. Narasimhugari T.L. Reddy District Collector Pathanamthitta dcpta.ker@nic.in
4 Omallur Shankaran District Panchayath  President dpptta@gmail.com
5 V. Vijayakumaran Lead Bank Manager, Pathanamthitta lbpathanam@sbi.co.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Nirmala Jimmy District Panchayath President kottayamdp@gmail.com
2 Prof. Dr. Prakash Kumar B. Registrar Of MG University registrar@mgu.ac.in
3 A.A. John Lead Bank Manager lbktm@sbi.co.in
4 Abraham Kuriakose MSME Association President perfectcorp@yahoo.com
5 Sherin Sam Jose Start-up Incubation Center sherinsamjose@amaljyothi.ac.in
6 M. Anjana IAS District Collector dcktm.ker@nic.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Jiji K. Philip District Panchayath President, Idukki +91 94 461 37147 jijikphilipanakkara12@gmail.com, dptidk@gmail.com
2 Rajagopalan G. Lead Bank Manager Idukki +91 94 955 90777 cmldmidukki@gmail.com
3 Baby George President  K.S.S.I.A +91 94 465 01178 babygeorge.george@gmail.com
4 H. Dineshan District Collector Idukki +91 94 470 32252 dineshanh@gmail.com, dcidk.ker@nic.in
5 Anil Kumar V.M. Assistant Professor In Electrical Engineering Govt. Engineering College, Idukki +91 94 471 68426 anilkumarvm@gecidukki.ac.in
6 Molison K. Jose Dist. Noon Meal Officer Idukki (Rtd) +91 94 475 25881 josemolison@gmail.com
7 Shahul Hameed District Facilitator Kila +91 94 462 12594 mmshameedsha@gmail.com


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Ullas Thomas District Panchayath President ullasthomas369@gmail.com 
2 Dr. B. Manoj Kumar Registrar KUFOS registrar@kufos.ac.in 
3 Dr. Meera V. Registrar CUSAT registrar@cusat.ac.in 
4 Satish C. Lead Bank Manager ldm@unionbankofindia.com, ldmekm2018@gmail.com
5 John M. Thomas CEO, Infopark ceosdesk@technopark.org
6 P.J. Jose MSME Association President,Ernakulam jpj1960@gmail.com
7 Startup Mission Pending
8 Suhas S. IAS District Collector, Ernakulam ernakulamdc@gmail.com


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 P.K. Davis District Panchayath President pkdavismaster250@gmail.com, dpttsr@gmail.com
2 Dr. A.K. Manoj Kumar Registrar Of Kerala University Of Health Science registrar@kuhs.ac.in
3 Sakeer Hussain Registrar Of Kerala Agricultural University registrar@kau.in
4 Anil Kumar K.K. Lead Bank Manager lbothrissur@canarabank.com
5 Geesha A.K. Assistant Manager (Technical), Kinfra Park geesha@kinfra.org
6 Noby Joseph MSME Association President noby1508@gmail.com
7 S. Shanavas  District Collector tsrcoll.ker@nic.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 K. Binumol District Panchayath President dptpkd@gmail.com, binulalbhavan@gmail.com
2 Mrunmai Joshi IAS District Collector dcpkd.ker@nic.in
3 Anil D. Lead Bank Manager lbopalghat@canarabank.com
4 Aneesh A.S. Jr Manager Technical aneesh@kinfra.org
5 Murali krishnan Project Manager, Kinfra Integrated Industrial & Textile Park, Palakkad muralikrishnan@kinfra.org
6 A.K Geesha Assistant manager (Technical) geesha@kinfra.org
7 T.V. Mammu President MSME Association,Palakkad tvnoushad@gmail.com
8 Vignesh Start-up Incubation Center vignesh@startupmission.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 K. Binumol District Panchayath President dptpkd@gmail.com, binulalbhavan@gmail.com
2 Mrunmai Joshi IAS District Collector dcpkd.ker@nic.in
3 Anil D. Lead Bank Manager lbopalghat@canarabank.com
4 Aneesh A.S. Jr Manager Technical aneesh@kinfra.org
5 Murali krishnan Project Manager, Kinfra Integrated Industrial & Textile Park, Palakkad muralikrishnan@kinfra.org
6 A.k Geesha Assistant manager (Technical) geesha@kinfra.org
7 T.V. Mammu President MSME Association,Palakkad tvnoushad@gmail.com
8 Vignesh Start-up Incubation Center vignesh@startupmission.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 District Panchayath President dpkkde@gmail.com
2 Dr. E.K. Satheesh Registrar Of University reg@uoc.ac.in
3 Muraleedharan T.M. Lead Bank Manager lbocalicut@canarabank.com
4 Kannikulathil Gopalan Ajithkumar Chief Executive Officer of Industrial Park
5 Chief Executive Officer of TechnoPark
6 M. Abdurahiman MSME Association President/secretary mv.raheem@yahoo.com
7 Preethi. M. Start-up Incubation Center  preethi@nitc.ac.in,     tbi@nitc.ac.in
8 Sreeram Sambasiva Rao District Collector dckzk.ker@nic.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Shamshad Marakkar District Panchayath President dpwynd@gmail.com
2 Dr. Sudheer Babu Registrar Of University registrar@kvasu.ac.in
3 G. Vinod Lead Bank Manager lbokalpetta@canarabank.com
4 Ramla N. Industrial Park,Park Manager ramlasby@gmail.com
5 Krishnadas K. Industrial Park, Marketing Manager & Estate Manager krishnadas126@gmail.com
6 T.D. Jainan MSME Association, Kssia President jainantd@gmail.com
7 Mathew Thomas MSME Association/kssia Secretary excelagrofoods@gmail.com
8 Kalavathy P.S. Start-up Incubation Center / District Industries Centre,wayanad dicwyd@gmail.com
Dr.Adeela Abdulla IAS District Collector dcwayanad@gmail.com


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Divya P.P. District Panchayath President divyadivyaji@gmail.com
2 Mohammed E.V.P. Registrar Of University (In charge). registrar@kannuruniv.ac.in
3 Frony John P. Lead Bank Manager ldo.kannur@syndicatebank.co.in
4 Roopa V.K. Manager, Kinfra Industrial Park roopalovelingmail.com
5 Bivin Babu Assistant Manager, Ksidc Industrial Growth Centre bivin@ksidcmail.org
6 Jeevraj Nambiar MSME Association, Secretary kaveripipe@yahoo.com
7 Nithin Madhavan Start-up Incubation Center kannurtechnolodge@gmail.com
8 T.V Subhash IAS District Collector dcknr.ker@nic.in


No. Name Designation Mobile Email
1 Baby Balakrishnan  District Panchayath President kdpksd@gmail.com
2 Dr. Rajendra Pilankatta Registrar in Charge, Central University of Kerala praj74@cukerala.ac.in
3 N. Kannan Lead Bank Manager ldokasargod@gmail.com
4 P. Muralidharan  Project Manager,Kinfra Kasaragod  kinfra.ksd@gmail.com
5 Raveendran P.V. KSSIA , President vishalraveendran2@gmail.com
6 Ashok  Start-up Incubation Center akp@startupmission.in
7 Sajith Babu IAS District Collector dckas.ker@nic.in

District wise Clusters and Institutions linked

Sl No District Cluster Mentor Institution
1 ALPY Kuttanad Initiatives Carmel CoE
2 ALPY Edanad Printing Cluster Mahaguru Institute of Technology
3 IDKI Marayur Jaggery Cluster Amal Jyothi CoE
4 IDKI Tribal Products Company DCSMAT
5 IDKI Thangamani Marian College Kuttikanam
6 KOLM Handloom Cluster –Chathanoor KSMBC, SN Polytech
7 KOLM Apparel Cluster (Kudumbasree) CoE Pathanapuram
8 KOLM Nutrimix Cluster SN College CoE Pathanapuram
9 KOLM Venad Venad Poultry Farmers Co ltd TKM CoE
10 KOLM Palaruvi Farmers Producers Company CoE Perumon
11 KOLM Green Gold Society TKM CoE, UKF CoE
12 KTYM Kidangoor Apparel Park (Kudumbasree) School of Management and Business studies
13 KTYM Nutra mix ST Thomas Pala / CoE kidangoor
14 KTYM Rubber Cluster KE College Mannanam, Berchmans Institute of Management studies Changanassery
15 KTYM Neelor FPO SaintGits MBA, ST Thomas Pala
16 KTYM KADCO Kidangoor CoE
17 MLPM Mannarmala FPO Malabar Poly
18 MLPM Kudmbasree Cluster Perumpadappu SSM Polytechnic
19 MLPM Edakkara Agro industries Ernad Knowledge city
20 PNTA Samrudhi Food Product MACFAST,

St Thomas Ranni,

21 PNTA Bamboo Products MACFAST,

St Thomas Ranni,

22 KSGD Palm PlateMaking Cluster LBS CoE Kasargod
23 KZKD Vadakara Handloom Cluster NIT Calicut
24 KZKD Kerala Pappadam Farook College
25 kZKD Amrutam Nutrimix MDIT Kozhikode
26 KANR Bell Metal Cluster Thalassery CoE
27 KANR Kanjilode Weavers Vimal Jyothi Institute of Mgmt and Research
28 PLKD Shornur Agri implements GEC Palakkad,

Jawahar CoE

29 PLKD Clay Pottery Jawahar CoE

Mercy College

30 PLKD Peruvambu Weving Cluster Victoria College,

LEAD College

31 PLKD Brass and Bell Metal Ahalya CoE.

Govt Poly Palakkad

32 PLKD Bamboo Cluster Sreepathy institute,

Govt College Chittor

33 PLKD Velinezhi Kalagraman Victoria CoE
34 PLKD Ramassery Idli LEAD College,

Mercy College

35 EKLM Edakkatuvayal Kudumbasree tailoring cluster ToCH CoE,


36 EKLM Pampakuda Artisans (Block carpenters Industrial Cop society) Muthoot Institute of Technology
37 TRVM Balaramapuram-Ecotex Asian School of Mgmt

Marian CoE

38 TRVM Balaramapuram Handloom Cluster-1 LBS college for women
39 TRVM Coirtex Asian School of Mgmt

Marian CoE

40 TRVM Reed & Bamboo Harvipuram College of Engg Trivandrum

Govt. Engg college Barton Hill

41 TRVM Reed& Bamboo Veliyannur College of Engg Trivandrum

Govt. Engg college Barton Hill

42 TRVM Pappad making Cluster College of Engg Trivandrum

Govt. Engg college Barton Hill

43 TRVM Trivandrum Embroidery LBS college for women
44 TRVM Kottukal Handloom Cluster Rajadhani Institute of Science and Technology
45 TRVM Kerala Arts & Crafts Village Vellar IMK
46 TRVM Balaramapuram Handloom Cluster-2 Asian School of Mgmt

Marian CoE

47 TRVM Agri Tanima Farmers Producer Company Limited College of Engg Trivandrum

Govt. Engg college Barton Hill

48 THSR Notebook Cluster GEC Thrissur
49 THSR Elavally Cluster Vidya Academy of Science and Technology
50 THSR Kuthampalli Cluster Jyothi CoE
51 THSR Coconut Oil Cluster Goct Poly Chelakkara
52 THSR Cherpu Handicraft Cluster Sahradaya College
53 WYND BANA Agro Processing Company (Kudumbasree) Meengadi Polytechnic                              Meppadi Polytechnic

Batch 2 

Sl No District Cluster Mentor Institution Category
54 Kannur Mayil FPO NIT Calicut FPO
55 THSR Furniture Cluster – Trichur Jyothi Engg College   Manufacturing
56 THSR Kothmpalli Cluster Jyothi Engg College Manufacturing
57 Kannur Furniture Cluster Taliparamba Thalasseyy Engg College Manufacturing
58 Kannur Offset Printing Cluster Kannur Vimal Jyothi College Manufacturing
59 EKM Perumbavoor Plywood Cluster TOCH & Rajagiri SS Manufacturing
60 EKM Kaladi Rice Mill Adi Sankara Institute of Technology  /morning star Manufacturing
61 EKM Aluva Plastics Rajagiri SS and KMEA Manufacturing
62 EKM West Malabar Plywood SCMS Manufacturing
63 MLPM Valluvanad Wood Cluster Malabar Polytechnic Manufacturing
64 Kollam Kollam Cashew Cluster TKM College of Engg. Manufacturing
65 Kollam Wood Empire Cluster Chadayamangalam College of Engg Perumon Manufacturing

Internal Committees

K-DISC has the following Committees for management of various activities of the organization.

The following shall constitute a talent scouting committee for Human Resource Management and Competency Development which will recommend scouting of talents like consultants and senior positions in K-DISC:

  1. Member Secretary
  2. Vice Chancellor, APJ Abdul Kalam Technological University
  3. Vice Chancellor, Digital University of Kerala
  4. Executive Director (Planning, Competency Development and Innovation Systems)
  5. Senior Administrative Officer
  6. One of the independent members nominated by the Executive Committee

The procurement follows the store purchase manual of the Government of Kerala. The General Financial Rules of Government of India are followed for components not covered under the store purchase manual. The following members constitute the procurement committee which approves the procurement of products and services required by K-DISC:

  1. Member Secretary
  2. Finance Secretary, Government of Kerala or his nominee not below the rank of Secretary
  3. Executive Director (Innovation Technologies)
  4. Executive Director (Management Services)
  5. Senior Finance Officer
  6. One of the independent members nominated by the Executive Committee

The following members constitute the Risk Management Committee which specifically examines innovative projects which involve high risk. The Committee devises strategies for involving Risk Management in the entire innovation cycle of K-DISC and monitor Risk Management effectiveness.

  1. Executive Vice Chairperson
  2. Member Secretary
  3. Chief Executive Officer, Start-up Mission
  4. Executive Director (Planning Competency Development and Innovation Systems)
  5. One of the independent members nominated by the Executive Committee for a period of five years

The following members constitute the Internal Audit Committee which shall be put in place systems of internal audit.

  1. Executive Director (Management Services)
  2. Senior Finance Officer
  3. Finance Manager
  4. Procurement Manager
  5. One of the program Managers (on rotation basis)

The following members constitute the Media Committee constituted to coordinate, support and approve various campaign activities related to the programs of K-DISC.

  1. Chairman: Mr. K. Manoj Kumar
  2. Convenor: Mr. Biju Parameswaran
  3. Dr. Arun Surendran
  4. Mr. Manoj Krishnan
  5. Ms. Lakshmy K.J.

An Internal Committee (IC) on sexual harassment of women at work place has been duly constituted in K-DISC as per Proceedings No. 528/2022/KDISC dated 31.10.2022.

K-DISC is committed to fostering a safe and respectful work environment for all individuals associated with our organization. Sexual harassment is a serious violation of these principles, and K-DISC has a zero tolerance policy towards sexual harassment.

Anyone who experiences or witnesses sexual harassment is strongly encouraged to report it immediately to anyone of the Internal Committee members mentioned below. All instances of sexual harassment will be treated with utmost seriousness and confidentiality, and appropriate action will be taken swiftly.

The following members constitute the Media Committee constituted to coordinate, support and approve various campaign activities related to the programs of K-DISC.

  1. Executive Director (Management Services) : SAJITHA P.P.
  2. Director, KKEM (Gender & Labour) : Dr. P.S. SREEKALA
  3. Senior Administrative Officer : SHEELA.G
  4. Finance Officer : JASEELA T.P.
  5. Former Social Advisor, KDISC : Dr. GITA GOPAL
  6. Assistant Section Officer : JAGANNATH C.R.
  7. Assistant General Manager : DEEPTHY MOHAN

The following members constitute the Library Advisory Committee which manages the physical and electronic library of K-DISC. The library will be accessible to the employees of the organisation and the research scholars/ students associated with it. It has online subscriptions for CMIE, JSTOR, Indiastat, Web of Science, EPW Research Foundation Online services and Kindle services for subscriptions like Taylor and Francis Cambridge University Press, Blackwell Publishing, Springer Link, Sage Journals, Wiley Online, EBSCO and IEEE.

  1. Chairman: Shaji A.
  2. Convenor: Dr. Vishnu Vijayan M.A.
  3. Dr. P.V. Unnikrishnan
  4. Ms. Sajitha P.P.
  5. Mr. Ajith Kumar N.K.
  6. Ms. Deepthi Mohanan
  7. Ms. Shakeela K.T.
  8. Mr. Biju S. Narayan

ഔദ്യോഗിക ഭാഷ മലയാളം_കെ-ഡിസ്ക് ഔദ്യോഗിക ഭാഷ സമിതി


  1. അധ്യക്ഷന്‍ – ശ്രീമതി. സജിത പി.പി. ഇ.ഡി.(മാനേജ്‌മെന്റ് സര്‍വ്വീസസ്) കെ-ഡിസ്‌ക് 
  2. കൺവീനർ – ശ്രീ. ബിജു. പരമേശ്വരന്‍കണ്‍സള്‍ട്ടന്റ്കെ-ഡിസ്‌ക് 
  3. ഡോ. ദീപാ പി. ഗോപിനാഥ്കണ്‍സള്‍ട്ടന്റ്കെ-ഡിസ്‌ക് 
  4. ഡോ. നിമ്മി. ജെ.എസ്.സീനിയര്‍ പ്രോഗ്രാം എക്‌സിക്യുട്ടീവ്കെ-ഡിസ്‌ക് 
  5. ശ്രീമതി. അരുണിമ എ.സീനിയര്‍ പ്രോഗ്രാം എക്‌സിക്യുട്ടീവ്കെ-ഡിസ്‌ക്