This division of K-DISC focuses on nurturing and promoting innovation at all levels – among students, businesses, public servants and the public at large, developing their skills and competencies to inculcate a culture of knowledge seeking and innovation in domains like education, healthcare, agriculture, automobiles, animal husbandry, geriartic care, etc.

  • Systems Division   :-is again subdivided into two teams.
    • Partnership and Challenges Team:

      • Ms. Sajida Shiraz (Activity Centre Head)
      • Mr. Abilash A K
    • HR, IT and MIS Team:

      • Mr. Vishnu Prasad
      • Mr. Sureshkumar M
      • Mr. Sandeep D
      • Mr. Arun Krishnan
      • Mr. Sajad A
      • Ms. Soumya M
  • Operations Divisionis subdivided into four teams.
    • Communication and Content Management Team:
      • Ms. Lakshmy K J (Activity Centre Head)
      • Ms. Noorjahan A
      • Ms. Anupama V A
    • Monitoring and Planning Team:
      • Ms. Twinkle Toms (Activity Centre Head)
      • Ms. Pavitha K
    • Building Works, In house maintenance:
      • Mr Bazil Rasheed
      • Mr. Binukumar S J
    • Library Management:
      •  Dr. Vishnu Vijayan M A
Planning, Competency Development, and Innovation System

The division is supported by a Project Management Unit which consists of the following members

Mr. Sujith M Manager- Projects (HQ) 8547009348
Mr. Binukumar S J Senior Consultant 9446086833
Mr. Biju S Narayan Consultant 9037708100
Mr. Biju Parameswaran Consultant 95624 62418
Dr. Asok Kumar A Consultant (OLOI, ODOI & EV) 8547510783
Dr. Deepa Gopinath Consultant (OLOI) 9446583466
Mr. Vimal Ravi Consultant (OLOI) 9645106643
Dr. Sini Thomas Consultant (OLOI) 94479 58069
Mr. M K Vasu Consultant (OLOI) 9446030811
Mr. P Jayaraj Consultant (OLOI) 9961261362
Mr. Subhash Chandran K Consultant (OLOI) 9446701833
Mr. Sherin Sam Jose Consultant (OLOI) 9496805712
Ms. Akshaya T R Consultant (OLOI) 9496138219
Ms. Jubunu K R Consultant (OLOI) 9747165562
Ms. Bhagya B. Anil Support Executive 86064 88545
Dr. Nidhi M B Consultant (ODOI) 9447205900
Mr. Sandeep D Junior Consultant (ODOI) 98097 02898
Mr. Prakash Mathew Consultant (HQ) 7839992142
Mr. Vishnu Prasad Junior Consultant (HQ) 8893545004
Mr. Ajith Gerald Junior Consultant (EV) 9500356693
Mr. Abilash A K Junior Consultant (YIP) 9899045622
Ms. Haripriya Shine Programme Manager 94461 40670
Mr. Gopalan Balagopal Programme Head (Smart Coffee Project) 99804 11935
Mr. Arjun R Nair Junior Consultant (Smart Coffee Project) 82813 45596
Mr. Arun Krishnan Consultant (HQ) 6238930810
Ms. Sajida Shiraz Consultant (HQ) 90371 32274
Ms. Noorjahan A Junior Consultant (HQ) 95448 35684
Ms. Nisha S Consultant 9447535188
Mr. Suresh Kumar M Senior Resource Person (IT) 8086880243
Mr. Sajad A IT Analyst 73066 15582
Mr. Appu A Network Engineer 9048941410
Ms. Soumya M Technical Assistant 81389 02977
Ms. Hanna Haneef Technical Assistant 79945 21285
Dr.Raju M Rhee Consultant (KGDC) 98840 34305
Dr.Amjesh R Consultant (KGDC) 98952 38733
Ms. Jayaleksmi S Programme Intern (KGDC) 9633057706
Mr. Bazil Rasheed Junior Consultant (Building) 8139062880
Ms. Anju Malin Junior Consultant (Social Inclusion) 77363 49106
Ms. Dhanya Krishnakumar Content Developer 98957 02131
Mr. Sasi Pilacheri Senior Consultant 9446488085
Mr. Julfar M J Programme Support executive/Jr. Consultant (YIP) 8281417403
Mr. Shamil Mohan Programme Support executive/Jr. Consultant (YIP) 8547761406
Mr. B. Sudhir Architect 9895533999
Mr. C Padmakumar Special Officer (KMTC) 97442 00115
Mr. Rohit John Philip Sr. Programme Consultant (KMTC) 99109 18064
Mr. Rejeesh G R Consultant (KMTC) 93878 17192
Mr. Satheesh Kumar K Executive Secretary (KMTC) 9349400142
Ms. Binchu Samuel Project Intern (KMTC) 95627 26927
Ms. Rojini A R Project Intern (KMTC) 95629 76697
Mr. Radhesh R Procurement Officer 9447092499
Mr. Anand V Internal Audit Assistant 9809153196
Mr. J. Mohammed Siyad Media Manager (Communication Team) 9947235040
Dr. V. Santhosh Senior Consultant 8547434266
Dr. Alexander G Senior Consultant 9447800609
Mr. Anilkumar T V Senior Consultant 9447104088