As Kerala gears up to make the leap to a Knowledge Economy, it is imperative to adopt cutting-edge technologies for making the day-to-day lives of its citizens easier. Technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain and AR/VR are widely used to transform industries like healthcare, agriculture, utilities, etc.


The division has the following members:

No. Name Role Mobile / Phone Email
1 Mr. Krishnan N.  Strategic Consultant 759488801
2 Ms. Deepthy Mohan Assistant General Manager 9895026721
3 Dr. Nimmy J.S. Senior Program Executive – Health, Revenue, Water Authority projects 9633057792

The division is supported by a Project Management Unit which consists of the following members:

No Name Designation
1 Mr. Shafin S. Technical Manager 
2 Ms. Shabana Fathim Technical Manager 
3 Mr. Vaishnav V.R. Project Executive 
4 Mr. Aashil Dev N.S. Project Executive 
5 Mr. Sreejith N.S. Project Executive 
6 Mr. Aromal M.S. Project Executive 
7 Mr. Sachin B.S. Project Executive 
8 Mr. Khaneesh U. Program Executive
9 Mr. Amal P.J. Program Executive
10 Mr. Jithin Kumar K. Program Executive
11 Mr. Nihas K.S. Program Executive
12 Ms. Aswathy G.J. Program Executive
13 Mr. Mathews P. Mathew Program Executive
14 Mr. Siveshkumar S. Program Executive
15 Mr. Aneesh V.L. Program Executive
16 Mr. Adarsh J.R.  Program Executive
17 Mr. Suraj M.S. Menon Program Executive